6 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs

Every entrepreneur, blogger, the businessman has an image of how he likes his website to look. However, there is always something important that somehow slips out of our minds. If you already imagined the theme of your site, the content you want, the brand identity and so on, you can inform your developer about it, however before you do that, look at this list and make sure you don’t forget something.

Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchUnderstanding your customer’s needs is the condition to success when it comes to websites, that is why you have to perform keyword research before you start working on a website. The keyword research allows you to get familiar with your clients thinking and searching, the phrases they’re looking for can be crucial for your business. That is why you should have the search option at each website.

Color Composition

Ask your developer to design the website in a Grayscale Composition, and when you see the internet site for the first time you won’t be disappointed by the vibrant distracting colors. If you like the Grayscale comp, change the colors until you see the combination you like.

Duplicate Content Prevention

When we’re talking about Web Development, the first thing your website needs is Search Engine Optimization, concerning the SE optimization you should have duplicate content prevention.  A fine developer will take care of the duplicate content and get it ready for presentation.

Search Engine OptimizationSize Optimized Media

If you’re planning to use any media on your website at all, whether it was images, gifs or videos you need to be sure you’re using the right ones. If the pictures or videos aren’t optimized for websites, it can be a big issue for your site, and it will take more time to load the site which means users can get impatient and leave the site before it even loads. Most of the media can be compressed to smaller sizes which means downloading time will be shorter and the loading of the page will be faster.

Mobile view

Mobile viewYou should always think about the mobile display of your website, and that is the often the place where research begins. Most of your users will often stumble upon your page while browsing the Internet via their phone; this means your website should be optimized for mobile use at any time. If your site isn’t available or if it isn’t appealing on the mobile device, you might lose significant clients and customers before you even presented them your page.

Printer Friendly

Each website should be printer friendly, even though printers aren’t so popular today, there are still some customers who like to print the pages of your site and make some reading material for later. However, if your site isn’t printer friendly, the text could be difficult to read or even impossible to print, blank or stained pages aren’t something you would like to see when printing the content from the website. If you use CSS, the text will be readable and printer friendly.