Website Development – Things you should know

REALM REALITY Web Development company from Brisbane is just one of the companies that can develop and design your website. If you want to hire a local company, Brisbane’s REALM REALITY is probably the best choice, with our help, you won’t have to worry about anything, just lean back in your chair and wait for your website to get finished. However, if you’re a curious client and you want to know something more about Web Development, here are some facts every client should be aware before he/she sails into the business waters.

ps: Before we even get into this, make sure your web hosting is up to scratch, you can have the most perfect site, but if your domain hosting Australia based provider is not of a decent quality, you can lose it all quite quickly.

A Website has an expiry date

Website has expiry dateA website won’t get broken or rotten, but it surely won’t stay the same way, and even if it stays the same, it won’t be interesting to your customers. Each website lasts about two years, and you cannot expect one to last forever without maintaining it regularly. Internet and technology improve daily, which means that someday soon, let’s say two years, your website will become old-fashioned and outdated. Our designers and developers are always on top of the latest coding standards and search engine algorithms which mean they are always there to update your website. Without the regular maintenance can cause problems with displaying content in the browser, formatting issues and so on.

Every Website looks different on different devices

Your website will look completely different when you visit it from your browser on your computer then it is on your mobile phone, but that isn’t a reason to worry. Parsing and Rendering are the reasons why this happens, each browser has to translate the code in a specific way, some of them cannot recognize some of the codes which are why your website can look completely different on different devices. However, our developers will test your site through various devices and browser, solving this issue before it even began.

Every Website looks different on different devicesImages can be both good and bad for your website

This includes videos too, both pictures and videos are a great way to entertain your visitors and use them to leave an incredible first impression on them and maybe even making them your own customers. However, if the images and videos are too large for your website, it will take the time to load them, and some of the visitors can get impatient and leave the site before they even browse it. To avoid this, professional developers use only images and videos that are optimized for websites.

Responsive and Mobile designs are different

Aside from various browsers and rendering codes, different display view of your sites also depends on the type of design. Mobile design, used for tablets also, can be very restrictive, it will often show you the limited version of your website.

Responsive design, however, allows resizing the layout of your site to fit the user’s display, whether it was the computer, a smartphone or a tablet. The possibility to adapt to the environment makes this design much more suitable for every businessperson. You will be able to see your website in all its glory.